Saturday, November 26, 2005

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The suffering feeds on my innocence, it makes me burn
They told me not to love you, but I guess I'll never learn
The first day I saw you it brought tears to my eyes.
I'm living in hell but i have no choice
But i know that somewhere someone hears my voice
I thought i knew it all, i thought i had it all but i feel it slipping away
How could it end this way
In this dream that's haunting me
My nightmare has become my reality

Like an angel fallen through the skies
I know that somewhere someone sees my cries
Where's the helping hand is this my final stand
The hole in my heart cause the hole in my head
Now they left me for dead
I'm down for the final count
My heart now blackened its bleeding tears
Can't they see my suffering
Or just can't see it from this far
Don't have much to live for...

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

"i love you, outside lines, over the top, beyond extremes.
when you think i'm bound to stop loving you,
i have only just begun to love you.
i love you beyond 100% and i dont hold anything back..."
a lot of times i have experienced the feeling of loneliness and emptiness, but HIS promise made me feel so happy...that even if the world would turn away from me, i still have someone who would never turn HIS back...who would hide me in the cleft of HIS wings...
i have doubted HIS plans for me so I kept on searching for what i thought was meant for me...but each day I live HE slowly unveils what HE had heart was made to answer HIS calling...i was called to serve HIM, it may be in some other ways...i have found peace in responding to HIS deep calling...i may not have responded to the highest calling....a healer souls... but i responded to the deep calling...a healer of my fellowmen...

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A New Start

A new beginning a new start
Things have changed its time to forget
All the wrongs have fallen into the past
Its time to move on at long last
Bridges have fallen bridges have been built
Things have been lost, things have been gained
That was lost I hope can be found
A new dawn is breaking, a new era is beckoning
A new start, a new life.

If ever there's a moment
When you need a friend to listen,
If ever someone can reach out
To dry the tears that glisten,
I'll be there...

As i look back on this road i've traveled....

i've seen so many times, God carry me through....

And if there's one thing that i've learned in my life,

God is true to His promise!!!