Wednesday, November 09, 2005

"i love you, outside lines, over the top, beyond extremes.
when you think i'm bound to stop loving you,
i have only just begun to love you.
i love you beyond 100% and i dont hold anything back..."
a lot of times i have experienced the feeling of loneliness and emptiness, but HIS promise made me feel so happy...that even if the world would turn away from me, i still have someone who would never turn HIS back...who would hide me in the cleft of HIS wings...
i have doubted HIS plans for me so I kept on searching for what i thought was meant for me...but each day I live HE slowly unveils what HE had heart was made to answer HIS calling...i was called to serve HIM, it may be in some other ways...i have found peace in responding to HIS deep calling...i may not have responded to the highest calling....a healer souls... but i responded to the deep calling...a healer of my fellowmen...

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