Sunday, June 10, 2007


....if my memory serves me well, im already on my 2nd month on being a PGI already...whew! how time fleet so fast.... as i am observing the JIs now, i cant help myself but to turn back to the time when i was also a junior intern. yah right! ive been there too! doing paperworks everyday, answering questions to consultants/ residents (lucky if i can), whoops! not to forget, crying in the corridor and asking myself why i have entered this arena? but all those things did a great help to me...

so how's life being a PGI now? i admit, things are lighter now, 'coz no pressure on doing paperworks, hey! dont get me wrong....i have learned so much in doing hx taking, monitoring, and other things, i havent learned in the four corners of our room...

so, what's the greater responsibility we've been talking before? well, i think its imparting to the JIs what we have also learned from our consultants, residents, previous PGIs, and other hospital's staff the things that they too had taught us...imagine! it was just a year ago..

another responsibility i've been referring to is managing patients...being a PGI is not just seeing patients at the emergency room or at the out patient department and referring it to the residents...i thinks it more than this time, your initial assessment and management to the patient is important...every meds, labs, and other diagnostic tools you've been requiring to every patients serves a purpose...your clinical eye is being what sense? well as the patient is entering the room, your mind tells you is this an emegency case or not? thus this patient needs to be admitted or not...well, so many things are juggling on your mind..
well, for now, all i can say i'm just enjoying every bit of my rotation and its worth enjoying!

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