Friday, February 15, 2008


We are taught to seek, ceaselessly, until we find an answer.

But while we continually seek, we force our life into little boxes that it was not intended to fit- all because we need a solution to our questions.

At times, life and its relevant uncertainties are there for a reason. Maybe they are a holding place, and maybe they are meant to test the strength with which we trudge through life.

Regardless, timing is everything.

What I have learned today I did not have the ability to learn last week, or even last night- because life is a series of preceding events. It is a game of chase; a giant Lego’s display that needed the bottom pieces to reach further toward the sky. A game of Jenga.

If those that I have had the privilege of coming to love this past year had entered my life three months prior, we would not have been friends. Nor acquaintances.

Someone once told a person that life had to have answers and that plans were essential for proper functioning- I would venture to guess that that individual did not lead the life they were meant to live. Nor did they experience happiest in its truest form. Essentially, they failed to live.

The best moments in this world are obtained by releasing the reigns and trusting in a higher power to drive us to where we need to be.

Learning to let go does not mean neglecting life as it is and failing to pursue hopes and dreams- it means waiting faithfully.

Faithful wait.

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