Friday, November 14, 2008

Life is Awesome

I once thought life was difficult. I once SAW life as difficult. Yet around me were people who always expressed so much joy and fun in life that simply left me startling. Then I realized the notion that life is difficult was passed onto me unconsciously by my parents who though meant well, left that impression in me that life is indeed difficult through their tough struggle to make ends meet.

So I re-defined my meaning of life, and I have always FOUND a reason to smile ever since.

You see, life happens. This happening is in itself neutral. Good, Bad, Wonderful, lol, Awesome, Awful, Disastrous, WOW, OMG, wtf, Sad, Angry, Cheerful, Kind etc are all interpretations that people make of it. So at the end of the day, it’s a matter of what perspective one chooses to settle with.

So all experiences in life can be all things, ranging from Awesome to Aweful. Sometimes, we are simply blind enough not to see the better interpretation of the happening, so we settle with the poor one. Wanna know what my days are like?

Like those of a kindergarden child, Full of energy and joy, even when there is no reason to support the same from the external. So when my best friend asked me how I was doing one morning, I told him, ” Awesome”. Then he asked. “What’s your definition of awesome”.

I answered, “Feeling good no matter what”.Period.

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