Sunday, May 20, 2007

In His Strong Arms

He's been calling me, but i never answered to His call...He was stretching His arms, but never did I hold on to it...! One question that have been playing in my mind before was, "why He just let it happened? Oh! poor little faith of mine! After my long quest on searching for the answers to my question, finally i found it...He was molding me! I admit, there has been a point of my life when i had loose grip on my faith...i always ask Him, why let these things happened to me in just a spur of a moment...all i can feel at that time was things are really out of my control! Just a week after my graduation, a resident gave me a book, it was a nice book...(I suggest you'll read it too!). She told me it was something to keep me ready for my internship, at first i thought it was the new edition of medical blue book!!! hahaha! but it wasn't... I never thought it would be of great help in my quest! Remember the poem Footprints in the sand? Of course! I do! I have read it for so many, many times in life, but I didn't appreciate it before...
Now I understand why He let it happened. He was molding me...He was calling my attention...He was showing to me how strong is His arms and how safe I am in His arms! Just as the father would pick up his own child and carry him over the rough ground, God carried me when the going gets tough.
I'm finally at ease now! I'm finally home! I'm finally back to His strong arms!

(P.S. Thanks for giving me that was really an inspiring one! more than just a guidelines as what you have told me before...)

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