Friday, May 18, 2007

it's my first day!!

i hate it when my period comes! why? first and foremost this dysmenorrhea thing really ruins my day! i can't do the things i wanted to do...instead of doing some things, here i am if not lying in bed for the rest of the day, i'm just sitting in one corner...times like this? it's nice to set myself on autistic mode...aside from dysmenorrhea, i have a slight change of my mood...blame it on hormones! though i'm trying to control it, but sometimes i cant...haha! sometimes trying to hold my temper! sorry to those who have been affected with my mood swings!
on the other hand, having a period and on my autistic mode, made me sometimes ponder about myself...kinda weird...but it's true! i dont know but it really happens all the time...see? it really pays to be an autistic!

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