Monday, May 14, 2007

it's a free day today...i'm on a weekend off! just a day of rest then back to duty mode tomorrow...what's seemed so different today? well, i'm free to sleep anytime i want...hahaha... anyway, i'm just surprise what happened this AM, someone called me (mr. past), i'm not already used talking with him, though we seldom communicate... what really surprises me was he'll just call on this early morning, just to ask me if i can join him in his daily "routine"...jogging! hahaha...weird ka gd ya! i know we've been doing that, but it was so looooooooong ago...hello, im not avoiding you, para ano? honestly, there's still about a percent left inside, but it doesnt matter now...well, wondering why i dont want to go with you for a jog? I'd rather have my long sleep, than jog for an hour on the's not that i dont want to go with you, it's just that my feet were so "heavy", and another reason, im not doing that already G...maybe next time...hahaha...(kun ari ka pa d sa Philippines eh)....or you can invite someone else, if you like! haha

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