Sunday, May 13, 2007

Who's your Best Friend?

Who is your best friend?...How long does you friendship last?...Mostly we find best friends while enjoying happy childhood or surviving through agonies of adolescence…as there are much more chances for having pastime and experiences together…Who is the best, the most skilful at friend's finding?

Children…First of all child loves and accepts he himself completely and unconditionally and he loves the entire world at the same way…Children don't make any social or economic distinctions, they CAN enjoy life as it is… It's easy to find a friend – every person on the Earth can be your friend…"Let's be friends" – that is all…very easy…

Youth – awkward age…it's a base for our future. Youth is inclined to find a friend with shared interests or activities then the friendships gradually develop into mutual trust, openness, affection and loyalty. We like people who share our attitudes and values. When someone agrees with us or makes the same chooses we have made, we gain confidence in our own views. Here we need find friends to build our confidence. Well…it's good when the friendships are built on healthy principles…

Getting adult we enter complicated world and both we ourselves and all the surroundings are getting more and more difficult to deal with, to understand, because of involving a lot of different circumstances. There is a tend for finding companionship of those of the same economic status and level of education. If we're going to get the best out of people and build relationships usefully we need to have good communication skills. Why it is so important both for finding a friend and building a firm foundation for prospective friendships in future?

What are you doing while meeting your friends?...Talking!!!...And it's not just exchange by information…much more…exchange by emotions, feelings…share of a part of your lives…How to find the best friend whom we can talk to for hours?…

Friendship is a long conversation. Indeed, the ability to generate good talk is the most promising indication, during the uncertain early stages, that a possible friendship will take hold.

The first important technique is to master the art of good talk. This requires just two simple tools. The first is a listening ear. Some people are especially skilled at opening others up. They readily elicit intimacy because they listen well. Good listeners genuinely convey interest in understanding the other person, they accept the person's feelings without interruption, and they empathize by trying to see the world from that person’s point of view. These are the skills of good listener: sincerity, acceptance, and empathy. People are really charmed being aware that simply offering the standard issue question "So, what do you do?" followed by comments and questions can show real interest in their personally.

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