Saturday, September 06, 2008


At this particular moment I found myself standing at the crossroad.....

Not sure about the next step, not sure who to seek guidance, not sure if anyone can really guide me, not sure if i just want to wait for a divine voice to enlighten my soul.

Sometime I just want to leave everything i am doing and head out to explore some unknown territories and these other times I wonder if i will be able to find something worthwhile ever.

May be now is the time to re-evaluate and replan my life....

i know, i have to take a plunge and make a decision for my life, whatever path I am gonna take, might just be totally unknown to me and it might plainly be scary to get out of my bubble of comfort.. But this is a risk , I am willing to take.

(Lord please take full control of my life, i know I'll never go astray because you're my guide...)

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